CÔ BA SÀI GÒN (2018)

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Giám đốc: Lộc Trần – Kay Nguyễn
Phân vai: NSND Hồng Vân Diễm My Ngô Thanh Vân Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc Diễm My 9x ...
Ngày Phát Hành:  6 February 2018

Tóm tắt

Co Ba Sai Gon is an exciting journey of Nhu Y - Thanh Nu sewing clothes, accidentally miss the future. A 20th-century girl with the ideal of protecting the sacred and traditional ao dai. It is extremely unsettled in the face of 21st century society with many changes. More than that, Nhu Y must face herself of the future. Nhu Y seeks to return to his own world, by taking the same old shirt from the Asu version of the future. CÔ BA SÀI GÒN will be shown at only 25,000 VND at Lotte Cinema.    

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